iPhone was suddenly caught fire because of using fake charger

Due to not using the ‘genuine’ battery charger, an iPhone 5c was suddenly caught fire during charging. A 16 year old boy living in Canada had his iPhone caught fire while charging the battery. Schultz family was awoken at midnight when they heard the boy’s screams. Then, they found that Schultz’s room was burning and… Read More »

Apple Watch and iPhone 2G – The similarities to the exotic!

Apple Watch and the first generation iPhone of Apple have an exotic resemblance. Thought that the design of the first generation iPhone was really outdated, but do not know if it is accidental or deliberate, Watch Apple’s design looks no different from ‘ a miniature replica’ of the first generation iPhone of Apple. Put two… Read More »

Why shouldn’t use iPhone with Gevey SIM?

Iphone which uses Gevey Sim often has weak and unstable signal so your phone will have risk to be overheat and battery drain. This will affect directly on using your iPhone every day. Besides, sometimes many people can’t update new iOS version because if that Gevey Sim doesn’t support or does not yet support, the… Read More »